The « terroir » is the connection of vine, soil, climate, and the interpretation of those factors by men. It is essential to produce prestigious wines. The terroir of the San José district of Tupungato is one of the best of Mendoza because of the combination of sunny days and cold nights, which are required to obtain the perfect concentration of colors, aromas and soft tannins, which allows producing powerful, elegant wines with great potential for aging.

The vineyard is located on a slope just below the Andes, at 1,300 meters above sea level. Because of this, the ground has an interesting mix of alluvial soil, with rocky substrate and top caps of sandy loam texture.

The water provision for irrigation comes from two wells, a natural source and water from irrigation channels. It originates from the fusion of the Andean snowmelt and underground drilling, and thus distinguishes itself for its quality and purity.