"The winery at the foot of Tupungato volcano"

The winery, which has a capacity of 1,000,000 liters, was conceived according the law of gravity, so that the elaboration process would have a cadence in its successive steps without needing to use pumps.
"Inside the winery"
The elaboration of the architectural design was entrusted to the prestigious firm Bormida & Yanzón. They incorporated ingenuous ideas such as the flagstone roof of San Juan, inspired by customs of the mountainous region of the French and Italian Alps - A true innovation for a winery at an international level.
"The barrel room"
The elaboration area is equipped with the best technology: small stainless steel tanks and Bucher Vaslin’s pneumatic presses. The aging is done in superior barrels made of French oak from the well-known woods of Vosges, Allier and Nevers.